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Dear Wealth Seeker,

Welcome to The Millionaire Mailer Program! We are one of many top producers of the Millionaire Mailer platform. Did you know “Millions” are made each year with mail order by ordinary individuals? Now it’s your turn to be a part of this very lucrative home based mail order industry. This is your invitation to become a member of A Brand New State of The Art Money Making System “The Millionaire Mailer”

There has never been anything like it and we believe this will be the last program you will ever need to join after you see how simple it is to go from $25 to $1000 a day in cash income! “The Millionaire Mailer” is a Very Fast Paced Program! Why? There Are No Tricks Involved! All The money comes directly to you. You know exactly how much you are making.

There are no minimum requirements involved before you get paid. Just mail and receive 100% cash to your mailbox. AMAZING!! THIS FLYER IS TESTED AND PROVEN TO PULL CASH LIKE CRAZY!!! This program can be mailed or promoted online with your own website like this. Whether you’re new to mail order or are already involved an home based mail order business, The Millionaire Mailer is ahead of the curve by leaps and bounds.

The Millionaire Mailer is the hottest mail order program that’s out right now. The reason that people are coming to this business opportunity is because of  most internet marketers are finding it very hard to promote any business opportunities online and even good marketers are finding it hard to get people to duplicate their efforts. With the Millionaire Mailer, everyone knows how to place a stamp on an envelope and mail them out and this is 100% possible to make make money.


The Millionaire Mailer by

 1. LEGITIMATE MAIL ORDER BUSINESS: The Millionaire Mailer has been around for 7 years and continues to be one of the fastest growing mail order program. Unlike other mail order programs that sizzle out faster than they launched, we have thousands of  current and active affiliates from all over the world who have made money with our program. We also have weekly conference calls where we share success stories, offer full support and encouragement. We also share methods used to have true success in mail order. Let’s go through a few pointers about how mail order works before we move any further so you know what you will actually be doing.

2. GREAT INCOME POTENTIAL: You can do your mailings as much as you want. The more you mail the more you can make. Weather you your looking to make extra cash, replace your work income or be financially free. Yes, you can become financially free if you stay consistent in the program, so invest your proceeds. From one affiliate to another 😉 This is your chance to become debt free, start your dream business, plan your dream vacation or just live a life of wealth & freedom! Our top affiliates continue to make six figures year after year and started as novices in mail order.This could be you in just 6 months to a year!

3. MAIL ORDER IS STILL BOOMING: There are a number of mail order operators pulling in thousands dollars a month, by having the flyer do the work and build residual. Doing nothing more than receiving money for mailing to list of people’s names interested in receiving business opportunities, and sending out envelopes stuffed with your flyer. Regardless of where you live, your age, teenager or senior citizen, man or woman. There’s no reason you can’t do the same. Pull in an hundreds or thousands a month, with the same idea. Getting started is easy as pie and your initial investment will amount to practically nothing – And, the requirements upon your time shouldn’t amount to more than a few hours a week.


A mailings list is a database of an individuals mailing address. In your marketing kit, you will receive 100 peel and stick labels of opportunity buyers who are searching for a home based business, mail order opportunity or work from home niche who are eagerly waiting for a business opportunity. This means we provide all the marketing materials for you to jump start your success and get the sales rolling in. All you have to do is take your flyer, fold it up, put it in an envelope, put a label on it and mail it! How easy is that?

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How Do I Make Money?

The pay plan is quite easy to understand and can create some massive leverage. When you join your name is inserted in the #1 spot on the flyer. Get a signup you move up to the #2 spot. The signup gets a signup and you move to the #3 spot. By the time you hit the #3 spot the residual payments of $25 to $500 can be staggering! As everyone promotes their flyers, you’ll receive payments from their efforts creating Massive Leverage. Just Imagine your name on hundreds or even thousands of flyers and the unlimited number of daily instant payments you can receive!!

How Do I Get Started?

Joining The Millionaire Mailer is Simple. Just Choose which Payment level(s) you’d like to participate in and make your one-time payments by follwing the instructions in the How to Get Started Section on each flyer. There are absolutely no monthly fees or admin fees. Joining at the highest level possible will give you the maximum earning potential, since you’ll get the lesser levels FREE.

 Click On The Level You Want To Join 

⤋ Print The Flyer & Follow The Instructions ⤋




























We accept payment via Bitcoin, Western Union, MoneyGram, Cash App and Cashier’s checks. You can always contact The Millionaire Mailer admin regarding this or any other questions you may have.
We have a 24hr support service for you via Email: [email protected]

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Below are some of the testimonials and comments from our affiliates and those who have questions about The Millionaire Mailer. One of the best ways for you to help others is to share your story. Over and over, we find that when people share their stories, others listen. They listen and they understand how mail order can work for them. Your story can help hundreds and possibly thousdands. We would love to hear from you. Questions, Thoughts, Hopes or Dreams, please share!


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